Making things custom is an insane amount of fun!…

A little while ago I was asked to try out’s custom jeans system. 

There has been a rather small explosion on the interwebs in the last couple of years on sites that offer custom made products. There are some amazing sites out there that offer some great services. When it comes to jeans…you must all understand that like anything..there are those who are “connoisseurs” on the matter, and like most aspects of life..I am not one of them. BUT! I was very keen on the idea of having something custom made for me, so I took to their site with tape measure in hand.

Taking a look at their website I was overwhelmed with choice..things I had never considered could be done with these yet to exist jeans. Rips, tears, fading, crazy embroidery..EVEN bullet holes (I imagined that they lined the jeans up and actually shoot at them…but alas that would be unsafe methinks)

 Screenshot of the custom design system at you can get an idea of easy it is to use…but without sacrificing the ability to add as much custom detailing to your jeans.

So the process is pretty darn simple…you just either use the base measurements for your waist/length size..OR you can input all your own custom measurements into the system and they will make them to those specs. It was all so easy and honestly…really REALLY fun! And although I kept things simple for the fact that I don’t tend to wear crazy jeans in the first place…I was tempted at one point to get some jeans covered in some crazy embroidery…but then I was like…maybe not :P


Here was my first pair which I styled in the past post “sunflowers” just simple slim dark wash jeans :) I chose a different kind of back pocket to add a little detail.

and my second outfit in “Television Bandstand” I went for a pair of their slim fit light wash jeans. I added some light fading to the thighs and went to simple pockets on the front and back.

So that’s that!…..I would like to point out that I received these jeans free of charge by but…as always I don’t just write about a product if I wouldn’t normally wear it. So rest assured if you chose to try their service…you will NOT be let down.

Special big thanks to for sending me the jeans :)