A Burgundy 3 piece suit…

I would have NEVER! in my life…thought I could pull this off….In fact…I still don’t think I can. I had seen this suit sitting in the shop for months and months and finally it went on sale…now, being the person that I am, I had to get it. But I didn’t decide to get it until I saw this image.

I loved what I saw…the colour..the fact that he wore ALL 3 pieces of his suit and still looked amazing. Now…I don’t for one second pretend to be as cool as that dude, but! It inspired me to give a suit like this a shot….so…here we are. I am now wearing a burgundy suit…and now writing about it. so there you go.

We shot these photos at an oval not to far from me. It has a wonderful old grandstand…with colours that matched perfectly to what I was wearing :) Im wearing the suit and tie both from Jack London, a white club collar shirt and brown shoes from Asos.

So there you go….A burgundy suit…they do exist..and if you wear them with confidence…go for it!