A Bike print tie you say….never!…show me! 

I got this tie on a whim a few months ago from Myer. Its one of their cheap “kenji” brand ties….its slim and the print isn’t too bold in my opinion. The tie bar is my own design from my online store www.merrinandgussy.com.  I have waaaaaay to many ties in my collection…in fact…so many tiebars too(maybe ill give away a few on here)

We did these photos at home, just in the back yard at the end of a loooong day, so im thankful to pat for helping me (after all…what are older brothers for) Here I’m wearing a stripped Oxford shirt by Topman, a pair of corduroy pants (which I tailored myself)  and a pair of grey Asos brogues. Something simple…but with a twist of fun.