I really love this leather jacket…its the same one from this post here

I find that simple staple pieces like this one can be used and re-used over and over again…I could literally wear this every day for an entire week and still have ways to wear this for the following Monday morning :P

I paired it with those simple Topman camel jeans, a Jack London navy v neck jumper, and gingham shirt, I also chose to wear a bow tie…bowties are not something I wear often…because lets be honest here…its easy to look like this guy (although no offence to Mr Herman)  Sometimes however….I just am in the mood to wear one….so here we are :) I love to pair this leather jacket with things like this….its a very masculine item, so you can afford to mess with the image a bit, and still be able to keep that 50′s greaser vibe going.

I also added a couple of amazing badges I found at a local shop called Presence…they have some of the most amazing stuff!!! well worth a visit if you live here in Adelaide.