Despite what you think…3 is not a crowed..

Ive finally gotten around to writing a proper article…I guess people seem keen to know my “thoughts” on various subjects.

So I am just going to ramble here for a bit…lets see what things manage to come out :P

Many men don’t seem to believe there are options when it comes to suiting…they walk into a shop..head straight for a large cut two button black polyester suit. Now..for most men this is a perceived idea of what is appropriate, spurred on by the masses of box-cut buzz cuts they sit next to on the train, bus or look at through the windows of their sedan every morning. They don’t know any different….And funnily enough..I don’t blame them for it. it would seem to me, is all about options..what flavor, colour, speed, time do you want things. As guys we tend to forget about options and go for what is easy…for what we feel comfortable in. None of us think that by putting in a little more effort we might have a chance to get that cute girl at the juice bar or impressed the manager on Friday.

When it comes to choose a suit, nobody seems to even consider a 3 piece these days..its a shame since its one of those looks that seems to still hold that wow factor for most people. “oh that man is wearing a vest with his suit” They say…”oh he looks very dapper” They add…

So now its time for me to re-cycle a whole bunch of images you have seen before.

I guess my first thought when it comes to suiting..and you all should know this by now if you read my blog…is that I don’t care about rules…or any notions about what guys “should” be wearing. Some of the best dressed men Ive seen have been wearing some of the simplest most understated outfits..but they could be wearing it in a way that truly extenuates their personality…i the end of the day, that’s what fashion is all about.

Its comes down to the suit. if your buying your first 3 piece…keep it simple..get a mid grey or navy suit and it will server you well..If you WANT to be more daring..then you could go for something more heavy like wool, flannel, corduroy etc. since you’ll probably be wearing it more in winter anyway :)

When it comes to wearing the shirt and tie…I ALWAYS keep it simple..I’ll tend to wear a white shirt with a plain tie…I personally think it brings it all together if you have something plain to ground the outfit in.

So…it comes down to the fact that you REALLY really want to buy a 3 piece suit…I get tons of guys emailing me about this type of thing. Where to buy one…how much do they cost…how do you wear one etc. etc. etc. Now, i wouldn’t for a second call myself an expert on suiting brands…but what ill do is share my experience with the brands I have bought.

Asos - Cheapest of the cheap…a suit will run you under $200 sometimes…even less if its on sale. Their quality isn’t amazing..but the fit is pretty good. I never have to tailor anything I get from

Topman - Similar to asos but the quality is a tiny bit better…the price is slightly more too. I will often have to get suits tailored a fair bit when I buy from them though. even though they advertise a slim fit.

Jack London - A menswear boutique here in Australia..their quality is great for the price. and the fit is also really good…if I have to tailor anything..its normally just the sleeves thinned and taken up.

Now…those 3 brands I have tried and wear day to day..there are so many other amazing companies that makes some beautiful 3 piece suits. The best thing to do is go into as many stores and try things on…every company makes their suits slightly different.

SO there you have it…my thoughts and info about 3 piece suits…im far from an expert..But as always…these are my ramblings and I hope you enjoyed them :)

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  1. Suits should always come in 3 pieces; ever since I saw Simon Baker on the Mentalist wearing one I can’t imagine why more guys aren’t latching on more. They look amazing. Incredible photos by your brother too; love how moody they are.

  2. hey,

    Is the last picture the JL Burgundy pants and navy on the top (Jacket and Vest)?

    If it is – I might try it one day.

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