All about green…..

This suit I can pretty much say was an impulse buy…not the smartest thing I’ve done…but it happened, the credit card came out and the money went off. I had been eyeing it off for a bit on but just thought to myself “come on…a cactus green suit…your stupid Ben” but at the moment of buying it I seemed to have forgotten all of that and just went “oh well…something different”

The box arrived and I just sat there thinking how the hell I was going to style this…so in the end I just went with my gut and wore whatever I felt it went with. I don’t think its ever going to be the kind of suit I wear with a conventional shirt and tie…its just to strange a colour. But it can work as a more casual style, which is what I tried here.

  Here I wore: 
Suit Jacket – – Size 34
Suit Pants – – Size 28
Shirt - Jack London Micro Gingham shirt - Size XS
Shoes – Wedge Brogues – Size 8
Belt – Stolen  from my Dad – (Similar Here)
Sunglasses - Rayban – Original Wayfarers