Red Red Red Red…..

I remember back to when I first started buying suits…that is to say…went from buying BAD suits to ones that at least fit me better :P I wanted to go out and buy the COOLEST suits I could find…the ones that nobody else would wear. But now that I look back on it I now think that this might not be the best way to go about finding your own fashion sense. Sure you could go out and get some crazy bright  neon suit…and that’s fine if you are that way inclined. But what I realised is its best to perfect something basic first (like a two button navy suit) before you buy the more “out there” styles.

Unless….you are a pimp or something.

I’ve shown you this suit quite a few times before. And I think this is probably the best part of my blogging experience is that I can show you the same items in totally different ways…because after all…..this blog really is written for inspiration.

Here I am wearing. Parklife MOD suit jacket and pants by Jack London, Blue shirt Jack London, corduroy tie by Topman (similar here), brown wingcaps by