So after much deliberation and many hours thinking and pouring over various images and book…I finally decided on what style of suit I was going to buy. So here’s the final drawing (artistic impression) of roughly what the suit should look like. I’ve gone for a mid-blue summer suit, with patch pockets. I decided on this since I really don’t have a proper “summer suit” I also went for an unlined jacket and pants with minimal detailing to keep it simple and uncomplicated. Being a HUGE fan of blue suits (I already own many) I imagine this will be getting a lot of wear during the hotter parts of the year….however it would be easy to break up and wear as separates or in the colder months with some layered items such as jumpers, cardigans or a overcoat.

Also I went for a slim cut 2 button suit jacket  with narrow lapels and a slim cut pair of pants. As I’m sure you are all aware…if you’re familiar with my blog so far, that I like slim/skinny fit…so this is in keeping with my current style. I also opted for patch pockets since I love the more relaxed and paired down look it gives off.

In the next part I will go into the cloth I chose..where it comes from…the process behind its creation.

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Next part: The Cloth!!