One of the most important parts of creating a bespoke suit is choosing the cloth. Now…I’m not lying when I say there are options…because there are literally every colour, pattern, texture and weight of cloth you could possibly imagine.

So what did I pick?


I went for a gorgeous mid blue cloth made by Ariston of Italy. Its a super 130′s cloth made from 100% wool. (The Code for the cloth is A833/17 for those that might want to look it up) Since the suit I’m getting is more of a summer suit…I wanted a colour that is versatile and easy to pair with basics.

Andrew and Jason were very helpful when it came to choosing the final design…We sat down with a drink in hand and discussed what I was looking for, what colours I was interested in, they had some of their own suggestions as well. I could instantly feel their passion for a well made bolt of cloth. We spent a long time going through all the books they had of all the various different style and possibilities…its a long process..but it should be! Since this is a suit that with care..will be with you for the rest of your life. Ariston makes some of the most cutting edge and beautiful suiting cloths…as a designer I was instantly drawn to the level of complexity each cloth had…the amazing craft work that had gone into making some of these deigns was awe-inspiring.

2C7A2005 Jason and Myself going through cloth designs.

I asked Andrew and Jason to share with me some of their personal thoughts about Ariston and what they mean to them.

Jason: “I just love working with Ariston. The cloth is contemporary and exciting while retaining the history and integrity of the company’s roots. The coastal essence of Naples is one of the fundamental characteristics that is woven into the cloth. It evokes images of the sea and light onshore breezes as couples stroll sandy beaches of red flecked coral in casual Italian luxury.”

Andrew: “ Ariston represents the very best of modern luxury Italian suitings and jacketings. With new collections every season, Ariston is not only leading the way but is also a natural choice for us and the perfect cloth with which to make up our full canvassed bespoke suits. ”


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This project was produced in collaboration with Tailors of Distinction