So the suit is almost ready for my first fitting, so I thought id write a quick post about some of the details I’ve chosen to have on my suit.

Two button Jacket - I’ve always preferred either one or two button suit jackets..this is for the very simple reason that I’m short…and they work for my height

Patch pockets –  This is probably the detail that I am most excited about, patch pockets are something that can make a suit instantly more relaxed. I almost always put my hands in my pockets and i just find that patch pockets can make the whole “hands in pockets” thing more flattering as the jacket holds it shape better. It also breaks up the clean straight lines of a suit jacket and puts forward a message of..”I don’t care”

Slim lapels –  If you read my blog often..I love slim 60′s fits, there is also some reason behind this…since I’m short and skinny..I need to watch the proportions of what i wear, full cut suits with wide lapels will only make me look shorter