So we are here! At the first fitting.

When you have a suit bespoken the tailor takes your measurements to the cutter who translates this to the cloth you picked at one of your first meetings. The cloth is then cut to your personal paper pattern and then passed on to the tailor who stitches your suit together but only to the baste stage. The baste stage is a half made suit temporarily stitched together by white threads so that it can be taken apart easily. It’s an amazing organic process that evolves over time…I was really shocked to find that a bespoke suit is more of an artistic creation.. molded to fit over your particular frame…the suit isn’t made from a template on a’s made by hand. The entire initial process takes approximately 4-6 weeks, after which your suit will be ready for a baste stage fitting.

The baste stage fitting normally takes around half an hour where Andrew went on the attack, armed with a chalk, some pins and a measuring tape. He adjusted the suit (pants and waistcoat) to better mold onto my body to ensure a comfortable fit..and to make sure it adheres to his high personal standards of fit and quality.

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