Well…the moment everyone has been waiting for is here, the suit is pretty much done and ready to be picked up. The process has been long and very rewarding to witness and document here. The suit is way more intricate and detailed than I had ever imagined. I cant quit describe the feeling of how well this suit actually fits…it feels snug, but at the same time comfortable. Since Andrew is a perfectionist (like all good tailors should be) there are a couple of small alterations that still need to be done to the suit…since its hand stitched from top to bottom, naturally things can be slightly off…but in my opinion its one of the best things about having a fully bespoken suit like this, is that it was made by hand!

Over the course of the next few weeks ill be posting this suit a lot…I will also be doing the first “5 ways to wear” post on this blog :)

I would like to personally thank both Andrew and Jason of Tailors of Distinction for providing me with this suit..and the chance to share the process with you all :)

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